Bestselling business strategist and award-winning industry analyst provides expert testimony, custom research, and market reports.
Marketing Experts

Discover the real-world and online marketing, branding, and licensing trends most impacting the industry.

Consulting Analysts

Our world-famed business consultants provide expert insight and research into the shape of emerging market trends.

Brand Strategists

Brand consulting services from a top firm that's helped design dozens of advertising and branding campaigns.

Marketing Expert Witness: Advertising, Branding and Licensing Pro

Fortune 500 leaders and household name brands look to our expert reports and testimony.

World's Leading Business Strategist

Recently named the world's leading business strategist, and Fortune magazine's Master of Innovation, brand marketing consultant and advertising expert Scott Steinberg has helped craft and contribute to hundreds of promotional campaigns.

Expert trial testimony and research that today's biggest brands trust.
Litigation consulting services for matters of every size.

Branding, advertising, and promotions insight and analysis on-demand.

The world's largest companies count on us to help understand what shifts in markets, cultural forces, and business trends mean for their businesses and brands. We've helped hundreds of Fortune 500s adapt to shifts in consumer behavior and sentiment.

Looking for trial testimony from a top marketing expert witness? Hoping to make sense of branding, online advertising, or IP-related matters? Drop us a line now!

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Online Marketing Pros

Get insights and analysis from our team, trusted partners to leading ad networks and advertisers worldwide.


Advertising Experts

Find out what it takes to win with marketing, advertising, and promotional campaigns in every space.


Content Marketers

Complete end-to-end editorial and custom publishing services for B2B and B2C brands are available.


Industry Leaders

We've served as industry thought leaders for leading brands in dozens of spaces from finance to insurance.

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